25th Annual OBX Parade of Homes is Diversity Tour

Diverse POH 2017

There’s none of that “if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all” attached to the Outer Banks Home Builders Parade of Homes. We could call this year’s Parade “The Diversity Tour.” And there is no better way to get your foot (feet actually) into the door of some of the most amazing homes being built on the Outer Banks than by touring the annual Parade – October 5-8. At your own pace with frequent stops for shopping and dining – or straight through each of the offerings from Corolla to Nags Head! Freestyle touring.
For the first time in 17 years, all entries are new construction and a couple of them may still have very fresh paint (depending on the weather in the next two weeks)! Two of them are definite year-round homes on the west side; two are sound-front; nine are oceanfront or oceanside with the great Atlantic fully in view; and the two of the Corolla homes are located conveniently for vacationing or permanent living.
All different sizes, from 1600 square feet to 10, 646 square feet. Choose three bedrooms or 24. Many with more bathrooms than anyone would ever want to clean! Some with elevators, rec rooms, home theaters, tiki bars, gourmet kitchens, outdoor living spaces as amazing as the interior…and each with a personality of its own. And in this market, beyond the interior finishes, most of the personality that shines through is that of the owner of the home. Furnishings, window treatments, open gathering spaces, window walls that bring the outside inside – all proclaim that life here is a day at the beach.
Most of the homes on our tour have been “borrowed” from the owners who are happy to help the builder showcase his finished product in an area with no traditional subdivisions for model homes. Only a few of the homes are for sale this year, but any of them can be replicated on your building lot. And, without the remodeled homes component, there is no excuse not to get your money’s worth on your ticket by visiting every one of the homes. This year’s tour is the most compact in years, with all 15 stops in about 40 miles.
The $10 tickets are good for all four days. You can meander along the route or you can push for a one or two-day completion. Find a couple that really catch your eye and your ticket will still allow you a second (or third) look! In 25 years, the quality and caliber of the homes and the builders has never disappointed those who come visit for the long weekend. We’ll be seeing you real soon. If you’re a “planner” or just a little curious, the entire Parade is online at OBX Parade of Homes