POH 2016

Four days, 19 homes, 50 miles of beautiful Outer Banks scenery. Covering everything there is to see at the 24th Annual Outer Banks Parade of Homes sounds like an adventure easily accomplished. And yes, it is very do-able. However, after hosting 23 Parades of Homes, we have found there are… Read more »

After 24 years of showing off just how good Outer Banks builders and craftsmen are, here at the Outer Banks Home Builders Association we’ve managed to amass a number Outer Banks Parade of Homes fun facts to share. The first Parade of Homes was in April of 1992, scheduled to… Read more »

It’s been almost a quarter century since the Outer Banks Home Builders Association’s first Parade of Homes became a part of autumn traditions on the Outer Banks. We’ve never sat down and counted just how many homes have been a part of creating that tradition, but it’s a lot and… Read more »