It’s a Wrap – Put a Bow on It!

The 26th Annual Outer Banks Home Builders Parade of Homes has now successful in the books. Some of the finest and most unique offerings we have ever been privileged to showcase were open for the four days of Parade. The panel of judges and touring public were most impressed by the homes – and the two restored hotels!

In this series of Parade blogs, we have primarily spotlighted the builders, and particularly, the emerging new generation of those entering our industry. And they are visionary in the sense that they can take the ideas of a future homeowner and translate it to the process that creates a home. But how does that actually happen? One day there is an empty lot. The next day there’s a pile of lumber. Then some walls. Some insulation, siding and a garage door – and you’re done, right?

Well, no, not exactly. The National Association of Home Builders has documented that there are more than 16,000 tasks involved in building a house. Does the builder do all of that? In this day and time that would be rare – simply because of the level of education and skill required by our constantly improving technology and products. What we call a builder is really a licensed contractor – one who possesses the knowledge to contract with the best subcontractors, who perform the necessary tasks. There are no longer many builders who even do the framing on a home, let alone the plumbing, wiring or heating and air conditioning. Instead, because the house is a complex system which requires trained, and in many cases, licensed, tradespeople to show up on the job site at the appointed time and to knowledgeably install their equipment, the builder is the manager in chief.

Fortunately, just as we have young builders coming into the industry and our association, we also have some of the next generation of skilled subcontractors and vendors – independent small businessmen and women. Complementing our builder leaders on the current Board of Directors, we have two young entrepreneurs who also learned their craft from family members. Jonathan Daniels, of FullTilt Blinds and Shutters, four term Associate Vice President and Nathan Neal of Cozy Kitchens Group, both with young families and healthy workloads, have made a commitment to represent the interests of the associate members on the OBHBA Board of Directors. Nate is currently serving on our Membership Committee and received the inaugural Humanitarian of the Year Award in January of this year; Jonathan is a twice repeated Associate of the Year and has worked tirelessly on our Technology Task Force, Directory and on the Parade Marketing Subcommittee for four years. Their handiwork featured in some of the Parade offerings speaks for itself.

We could take the “It takes a village” statement and apply it to the task of building a home. But all who wish to be recognized as the best in the business need to continually stay informed on new materials, tools, technology and application. This combination of awareness, skill and training brings the consumer a safer, stronger and more valuable home – generally the largest investment most people make.