Ticket Info


  • Use the maps from the online Parade to locate the first house you’d like to tour and purchase your tickets there. (Tickets will be available at ALL homes when Parade opens and you will receive your magazine with the ticket purchase.)
  • Visit a ticket vendor in advance of the Parade opening. Ticket vendors include: Cozy Kitchens Group, Daniels Homeport, Kellogg Supply Co, Kellogg Design Center, Outer Banks Association of Realtors, Outer Banks Home Builders Association, The Cottage Shop
  • Call 252-449-8232 for more information about tickets.


Question: Where do we get tickets?

Answer: Tickets are available in every home, where they will also be punched as you arrive. Or you may purchase them at the OBHBA office and at Gold and Silver sponsor businesses, as listed on the Sponsor Page. One $10 ticket is the admission price for one person for all 24 homes, and they are good for all four days so you may tour at your own pace, starting in any area you choose.

Question: When are the homes open?

Answer: They are open each day, October 4 – 7, from 10am – 6pm and October 7, from 10am – 3pm.

Question: What does the category letter mean?

Answer: The category is determined based on the actual raw cost of the home itself, exclusive of overhead, profit, the lot and any other amenities like landscaping or a pool. Simply stated, it is the amount that it cost for all of the building materials that were delivered to the site plus the amount of money that was paid to our skilled tradespeople to turn the materials into the finished product you are touring.

Question: How can we find the homes when they are all spread out?

Answer: The homes have been numbered from north to south. With the comprehensive map pages located in the center of this book and the brightly colored directional signs installed along the Parade route, you should easily be able to find each home. Additionally, all Parade homes are identified by large blue, white and black Parade of Homes flags – only homes flying the official Parade of Homes flag and identified by a coordinating numbered sign are part of the Outer Banks Home Builders Association’s annual Parade.

Question: How do we vote for the People’s Choice Award?

Answer: In each home a plastic tub is easily accessible at the area where the builder has chosen for punching and selling tickets. When you finish the tour, you simply circle the number of the home that you liked best in each category and leave the ticket in that container. The house numbers are listed next to each category on the back of the ticket. You may vote for only one home per category.